The true depth of sound

Passion for
Wood and Innovation

SHION is young and professional team of craftsman and woman with passion for exceptional material acoustic quality and spacial design experience. We are multinational team based in Austria. Our founders come from the world of the sensual purity in Asian aesthetics. Our brand is designed to enhance the emotional experience in your daily life trough sensual surfaces and profound sound quality.   

We engage with the world through our five senses: Vision, Sound, Feel, Scent and Taste. Every physical space is an emotional experience. The spacial interior of your house, your office, the hotel you visited during your stay abroad is an emotional experience. What control these emotions is the material of the interior space. How it looks like? How it sounds like? How it feels to touch? 


Interior space with beautiful sensual forms, fine tuned soundscape and touch of nature, require a very special material. 

SHION is hybrid word, combination of two Japanese Characters: "Shin(kan)" - the quietness of the forest and "On" - Sound. The brand represent Active Acoustic Wood Hybrid material delivering emotional intelligence to your daily life by shaping your spacial interior experience.

Carpenter doing his job in carpentry wor
Quiet Forest

Using wooden material

from local Austrian forestry

Low Production Waste Manufacturing Methodology

SHION - AIA Systems GmbH

Am Hof 4, A-1010, Vienna



+43 676 3069775