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A Quest to build the Perfect Sound

Uncompromising technology for the perfect sound experience.



One & Only

The principle of this technology is like noise-canceling headphones, but for a large room. The core principle of the hardware is very simple. We vibrate the surface of the plate with a sound wave 180 degrees out of phase, which is opposite to the wave generated by the sound source in the room.

Our hardware is controlled by the software system. When we install our system, we perform a 1-hour calibration and a 1-hour fine-tuning. During this time, the AI system in the DSP learns what the sound characteristics of the room are. It learns the different frequency concentrations in different parts of the room and other data. So when a frequency band comes from the main audio system, the DSP sends the correct 180-degree frequency band for each panel. In this way, we minimize and control the noise and echo in the room and create the best acoustics in the middle listening area.


Learning from the Best

Clear and unmistakable lines as well as distinctive wooden membrane make Shion active acoustic systems not only of musical but also of visual art. 

Shion's design team has been working side by side with renown designers and artists such as Zaha Hadid.

According to Shion's design philosophy, wood is much more than just a visual element. At first glance, it stands for the high value and durability of a product. This is why several weeks of development are invested in a seemingly simple detail such as the orientation of wooden fibers. It is designed to give the most natural feel to the person lucky enough to experience this outstanding quality first hand.


Passion for Material

We value local craftsmanship. From the first design sketch to prototypes, all the way to the final product: Every component marked with the Shion name has been completely developed in-house and assembled manually by highly qualified technicians. This is how we create icons of the high-end audio universe.



German Engineering

To achieve absolute sound quality, we combine state-of-the-art technology, the best electronic components and craftsmanship. Prior to assembly, we select only the best components that meet our tightly defined tolerances.

Over 300 computer-assisted measurements are performed before and after installation into our active acoustic modules. A component only enters the final test phase if the measurements show no deviation. Afterwards, the device has to pass our manual Shion hearing test before shipping.


Cutting Edge AI

Even though technology is capable of ever more, we believe that its application should not be a mystery. After all, we want the attention to be fully dedicated to the enjoyment of music.

This is why Shion software system use powerful Artificial Intelligence to perform real time calibration and adjustments to the performance of the system. Our listeners shall not worry about anything. Just sit back and enjoy the perfect sound.
3-2-3 SHION Instalation.jpg

Experience Shion Virtualy

We recommend to listen to this audio sample with a stereo headphones in order to ensure maximum immersive experience

No Acoustic Treatment


System Configuration

Shion SERENITY One Active Acoustic System, include:
Shion Software: proprietary digital sound processing system with integrated AI
Shion Hardware: proprietary acoustic modules and audio processing unit

Acoustic Unit

Electronically actuated wood carbon composite active acoustic panels


  • Surface mounted module
    W50 x H90 x D10 cm (19.7 x 35.4 x 3.9 in)

  • Free standing module
    R65 xD15 cm (25.5 x 5.9 in)

  • Average noise cancellation = 11 dB

  • Surface finish
    Oak / Walnut / Black Wood / Custom

  • Frame finish
    Walnut / Black Wood / Custom

  • Custom engraving

  • Integrated DSP with mixing function for 48 channels

  • 20V Power supply

  • NEW lower distortion & better SNR

  • Stereo input (RCA)

  • Suitable for banana/spade/pin/blank cables

  • Trigger switch input 12V

  • Trigger output for additional modules

  • On/Off button

Control Unit

USB 2.0 Audio Interface, AD Converter and Standalone Mixer


  • 36 / 72 Channels

  • Supported sample rate: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

  • 32-bit floating point format

  • 3 x ADAT in/out

  • Wordclock in/out

  • LCD display

  • Class compliant USB 2.0 connector compatible with USB 3 and iOS

  • Cat-5e Ethernet connector for AVB network

  • 12 Stereo buses

  • Modulated analogue equaliser

  • Flexible matrix for routing and splitting

  • For Mac OSX 10.8 or higher

  • Format: 19" / 1 U

  • Includes MOTU AVB Discovery app for iOS, MOTU AVB Control web app, AudioDesk 4.0 (download)

System Preferences

3 main room acoustic modes

  • Music Serenity Mode

  • Speach Serenity Mode

  • Real Time Sound / Speach Processing Mode


  • 5 sq.m. (53.8sq.f.)Min. room size: 

  • Two modules minimum

  • Max. pressure: 70 dB (SPL)

  • variableImpulse response: 

  • Calibration time: 1 hour

  • Real time self calibration

  • Operation: iOS / Android / Windows

Equipment Included

  • Shion SERENITY One module/s

  • DSP Control Unit

  • Audio Processing Unit

  • ATLAS High Grade Audio Cables - 5(one unit per panel)

  • 20V Power Supply Unit (one unit per panel)

  • 20V Power Cable Extension - 5m (one unit per panel)

  • 12V trigger cable

  • 12V trigger power supply unit

  • USB Cable - 1m

Seal of Approval
from the best in the industry

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