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Audiophile Heaven – Motion following Acoustic Environment

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Passionate about Music, Passionate about Sound.

When it comes to sound there is always one question: How do I reach premium sound in my space? What you don’t want to have is problematic echoes and noises that can come even with the latest home audio systems. But it’s important to note, that these systems are depended on the acoustics of the initial space they are installed in. This issue is usually solved by analogue sound traps and mufflers, which is not the best solution for living or retail interior, vehicles.

Challenging interior designs with an all-marble lobby or a living room that has panoramic glazing does not need soft foamy sound absorbers or complicated studio-like bass traps anymore. Or for example, a car with a lot of extra noise coming from the engine or the road can now finally bring you the desired stillness and state-of-the-art sound performance with a breathtaking sound experience of the real presence, all while tuning in on your sound system.

"The Sound Bubble that is created around the recipient can track and follow movement. This means, that high performance for a listener is guaranteed even while in motion. No need to set up all your audio system to point to one area of the room anymore, because even if you move your couch Shion system will calibrate itself to the new environment in almost no time. ”

You can have all your friends over and the Shion AI will recalibrate to deliver the best performance to you. This is an extraordinary and original IP of Shion being fully developed in-house.

Engineers in the automotive, airspace and smart city industry see a big potential in application of the Active Noise Cancelling and Immersive Sound Tech.

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