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Introducing Shion – World’s first Aesthetic Sound Bubble system that follows you

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Established in 2020, Austrian engineering company Shion produces an exquisite interior product with deep tech AI algorithm that is integrated into wood composites to optimize the sound in ANY space.

The journey began at Zaha Hadid Studio and other offices with luxury architecture, where future founders saw a big gap in audio & home equipment to work with acoustic issues.

No system before could cover both issues: acoustics and aesthetics. The biggest challenge usually is in big spaces with reflective surfaces, panoramic glazing, home theaters, minimalistic design approach and lack of performance of conventional systems.

The Sound Bubble that is created around the recipient and that tracks and follows motion is an Extraordinary and Original IP of Shion. Engineers in automotive, airspace, smart city tech saw a big potential and application of this Active Noise Cancelling and Immersive Sound Tech.

Big demand and market fit lead to the development process that started in 2018. There was a huge spike in the home audio market in 2020, due to the global pandemic and people wanting to create a comfortable indoor environment. Audio market showed an increase of 16%. Which lead to establishing a separate company Shion in 2020.

Later, companies started to become desperate in wanting to bring employees back to offices and there was big shift in the approach of meeting and conference rooms.

Shion was approached by several companies, such as Vienna international Airport to optimize business-lounges and reconstruct meeting rooms, as well as Vienna residence with executive temporary residences to solve their noise pollution yet bringing immersive sound experience to their high fi audio systems.

Automotive industry expressed their interest in this technology because it could significantly reduce weight and space and bring desired audio performance. The beauty of our panel is that it can be formed in complex 3d curved shapes and adapted to curved spaces.

Currently Shion has successfully closed an investment round and started pre-orders for the Limited Founders Edition panels, produced by the absolute Market leader partner company in fine wood technology. To get onto the waiting list for the Limited Founders Edition panels and to be the first to experience Sound Bubble technology – Subscribe

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